Looking for a Beauty Salon in Los Angeles? Try Grand Spa

Grand Spa completes your pampering experience by offering a range of services you would normally find in a beauty salon in Los Angeles.


Untitled-7-1Our experienced team of LA beauty salon staff go to great lengths to find technicians who can give you a special experience. We can give you beautifully shaped nails and suggest the perfect color for your skin and the season. Our work lasts — no chips or bubbles.

The Spa Signature Manicure

A soothing hand bath is followed by a gentle exfoliation that eliminates dead cells. A nourishing hand cream is applied, followed by a massage. Your hands will then be placed in heated mittens that will soothe and relax the muscles in addition to leaving the hands smooth and satin soft. The final touch is a polish of your choice.

Mandarin Manicure with Papaya

An anytime treat… nails are buffed before soaking in a fragrant hand bath. Nails are then trimmed and groomed to perfection. Lastly, a papaya mango enzyme masque enriched with fruit enzymes and shea butter is applied which removes dead skin cells and hydrates even the driest hands.

Mandarin Manicure with Lactic Acid

This manicure combined with lactic acid will help reverse any signs of aging on the hands. This gentle and effective treatment will hydrate and help to remove any discoloration, while infusing the hands with pomegranate extracts for added antioxidant benefits.


Express Pedicure

The Grand Spa Signature Pedicure

An intensive foot treatment. After performing The Grand Spa Signature Pedicure, a “callo-peel” is applied for easy removal of calluses, leaving the feet smooth and hydrated. The final touch is a polish of your choice.

Mandarin Pedicure with Papaya

Your feet will soak in a fragrant and soothing foot bath, followed by an application of a papaya mango masque to hydrate and exfoliate. Your toes are then polished to perfection.

Hot Stone Pedicure

A grounding and relaxing experience. Soak and heal in rose petal, essential oil infused water. Mask, exfoliate then let the stones do the rest. Followed by your favorite nail color application.


Hot Paraffin

A warm paraffin dip moisturizes and soothes your skin. An excellent addition to your manicure or pedicure.


Reflexology is a treatment where the therapist works primarily on your feet. There are “reflex points” in the feet, hands and ears that relate to specific organs and glands in the body. By stimulating those reflex points it promotes health in that organ via the body’s energetic pathways.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the body.


We offer several treatments for damaged hair to help keep your hair healthy and to reverse signs of damage.

Keratin Reconstructive Brazilian Hair Treatment

There is finally a solution to frizzy, damaged hair and for those who want to straighten their hair without the typical dry, brittle results. This treatment supplements your hair’s natural Keratin, leaving it as soft, smooth, and straight as a baby’s hair. It even helps to strengthen hair, repair damage, and prevent further damage from occurring! Results are immediate and last from three to six months with proper care. The process takes about three hours, deepening on the length of your hair, and you can shampoo your hair the very next day.

Deep Conditioning Moisture Masque

While regular use of a conditioner is essential for healthy, smooth hair, the occasional use of a deep conditioning masque can help repair damage that has built up over time. Our Deep Conditioning Moisture Masque is applied to wet hair and left on for several minutes so that your hair can absorb the vitamins and minerals the masque provides. After the masque is washed off and your hair is dried, your hair will be left feeling soft, silky, and healthy. It will look healthy too; hair will have a healthy shine and bounce, as well as smooth ends. We recommend the moisture masque for all of our regular clients, but especially for those with dry or damaged hair, or for those who heat-style regularly.

Glamour Glaze

Hair glazes are a great option for anyone who wants shinier hair, or for those who color-treat their hair. A glaze is applied to the hair to add shine, seal in color, extend the lifetime of semi-permanent color, keep gray hair from looking dull, add depth and tone to hair color, and keep dry hair from looking dull. Our Glamorous Glaze can be applied during a color treatment or alone.


A bad hair day can ruin your day. A bad hair cut can ruin your month, or even your year. As a result, you need a hair stylist you can trust. Here at Grand Spa we offer professional hair cuts and up-dos at affordable prices. Our hair stylists have received the highest training in both hair and beauty treatments, and will help you determine what cut is right for your hair texture, face shape, and your own personal style and preference

Instead of visiting a mere beauty salon in Los Angeles, drop by Grand Spa instead, for a total body pampering experience!