7 Questions to Ask Before You Go to a Men’s Sauna

Going to a sauna can be a wonderful experience, one with many practical benefits. Before you head out to a men’s sauna, though, be sure to run through a couple of pointers. What should you wear? You don’t head to the sauna stripped down to your skin. Depending on the spa facility, you’ll need to

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Things You Need to Know Before Going to a Woman’s Sauna in Los Angeles

Going to a woman’s sauna has an incredible amount of health benefits. Not only does it have the ability to cleanse your body of the nasty toxins that are accumulating inside of it, but it can also relieve your body of pain, and it can help boost your immune system, as well. If you’re planning

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5 Things Before You get a Facial

Getting a facial can help you get clearer, glowing skin. But before you head on to your favorite spa for a classic European facial in Los Angeles, check out the following things you should know.

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What You Should Know Before You Get a Body Scrub

If you’ve never had a body scrub, you’re not alone. Still, experiencing one for the first time can make for a lot of fun. Here are a few tips you’ll want to know before you go ahead.

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