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Getting a facial can help you get clearer, glowing skin. But before you head on to your favorite spa for a classic European facial in Los Angeles, check out the following things you should know.

Know what to expect

If you’ve never had a facial before, then this is a good time as any to get your first one. However, make sure you’ve gone to see a facial specialist before you go ahead with your appointment, the Bustle says. That way, you know what type of facial best suits you.

Steer clear of exfoliators

If you plan on getting a facial tomorrow, then stay away from exfoliators the night before. If you forget and apply them out of habit, you might need to reschedule your facial. Otherwise, you could end up with too much irritated skin after the treatment.

Be ready for the side-effects

Before you get a classic European facial in Los Angeles, know what you’re signing up for. That means asking about the possible side-effects of the procedure. That way, if any of those side-effects happen, you’ll be prepared. You won’t panic, thinking something’s wrong.

Pick a good spa

Don’t get a facial at just anywhere. Look for a trusted spa in the area. Ask friends and family for tips or advice. You can also go on online and research. Check for feedback and reviews about the spa its services. If you find too many negative reviews, then you know you made a narrow escape. Had you gone ahead with the booking without any research, you might have ended up having a terrible time.

Be there on time

Show up for your facial on time. If you come in too late, you could get charged for the delay. Some spas might also reduce the length of time for the treatment to accommodate other patients who booked after you.