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Going to a sauna can be a wonderful experience, one with many practical benefits. Before you head out to a men’s sauna, though, be sure to run through a couple of pointers.

What should you wear?
You don’t head to the sauna stripped down to your skin. Depending on the spa facility, you’ll need to check what kind of clothes are acceptable to wear. Some also provide temporary robes you can use while others rent out clothes. Check before you make an appointment at the spa.

What do you bring?
When you go to a men’s sauna, you’re going to sweat. Expect the establishment to provide you with towels you can use to wipe off the sweat. Some may provide water. If you’ve got long hair, you may want to tie all that up with a man bun before you go into the sauna.

What will happen?
Be prepared to sweat a lot when you go into the sauna, The Odyssey Online says. That’s why you need water and a towel. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated while you’re there. If the hot temperature is too much for you, drink water. That or go out. Don’t push yourself way beyond what your body is capable of.

How long do I have to stay?
If you can’t stay for more than five minutes, that’s fine. Maybe that’s your body’s limit and you need to respect that. But the typical length of stay inside is about 15 minutes. Don’t try to go over 15 minutes, though, thinking you can still take it. That’s already long enough.

Can I bring my phone?
No. Your phone isn’t designed to function in such conditions and can overheat. Leave the selfies for when you go outside the sauna.

How can I enjoy it?
The best way to have fun at the sauna is to bring your friends or family along. Enjoy bonding when you step into a room that’s about 170 degrees hot. Chatting up with them will help you pass the time much quicker. You’d find yourself surprised that the 15 minutes are up.

What do the warnings say?
You can’t go into the sauna if you’ve got a high blood pressure. Most facilities will post warning signs like this. Be sure to pay attention. That way, you and your friends will stay safe.