Korean spa and sauna

Korean spa and sauna

Are you searching for a Korean spa and sauna in the LA area where you can visit any time of the day or night for exceptional treatment? Grand Spa is open 24 hours a day and offers a wide range of services at affordable prices. If you’ve been looking for the best place to get a massage, enjoy a gender-exclusive sauna experience or get a beauty treatment, stop by Grand Spa.

You’ll not only find the most popular treatments in the city at Grand Spa, you’ll also find the newest beauty regimens available today, including Cryo’poration treatment, a non-chemical, non-invasive treatment that does not damage the structure or function of cells while effectively delivering cosmetic substances in to the skin’s layers. Cryo’poration delivers fast and successful results.

Grand Spa’s Korean spa and sauna also offers Indiba treatment using radio frequency technology via Hyperthermia, delivering heat at temperatures up to 113 degrees into local tissuee. Indiba treatment destroys malignant cells by raising the temperature of the tumor. Indiba treatment is ideal for:

- Internal fat removal
- Cellulite decomposition
- Liposuction and cosmetic surgery aftercare
- Poor blood circulation and metabolism acceleration
- Postpartum abdominal cramps
- Hair loss
- Breast cosmetic surgery aftercare

Indiba treatment at Grand Spa targets internal fat, can help improve the look of freckles and dark spots, helps to control oil production and clear acne, improves the skin’s elasticity, helps to reshape and redefine the face, targets wrinkles & fine lines, can relieve backache, improves intestinal function, can tone the hips and lower limbs, naturally firms and lifts the bust, and can increase natural hair growth.

Of course, Grand Spa offers a wide range of traditional Korean spa and sauna treatments as well, including their very popular body scrub massage treatments, facial care, full beauty salon services and gender-specific sauna experiences. Body scrub massages remain the most sought-after service in Grand Spa, and are very affordable compared with other facilities in the area.

Enjoy a body scrub at Grand Spa’s Korean spa and sauna to maintain the health and beauty of your skin, through exfoliation that serves to rub away dead skin cells and reveal the softer, more youthful-looking cells that lie just below. Your body scrub will include a moisturizing oil that will hold the mixture together and leave your skin feeling extremely hydrated. Choose from a variety of body scrub massages from Grand Spa, including the following:

- Body Scrub and Green Tea
- Body Scrub and Marine Algae
- Body Scrub and Honey Milk
- Body Scrub and Mango
- Cool Mint Lemonade Salt
- Body Scrub and Aroma Salt
- Body Scrub and Hot Chocolate
- Body Scrub and Pure Gold Gel
- As well as special scrubs

The most popular Korean spa and sauna in LA is located at 2999 W 6th St in Los Angeles. Book an appointment over the GrandSpaLA.com website or call Grand Spa at 213-380-8889 to schedule a session. You’re going to love the treatment at Grand Spa- they guarantee it.

Korean spa and sauna

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