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Calgary Vertigo Clinic

Calgary Vertigo Clinic

The Most Frequently Asked Questions At A Calgary Vertigo Clinic

Vertigo is a sensation that none of us would ever wish on our worst enemies. Since no one other than the patient themselves has the ability to adequately describe what they are experiencing, they are bound to have a number of questions. That's when it is time to visit a Calgary vertigo clinic.

A Calgary vertigo clinic is able to offer all of the most important to our most crucial questions about this disorder. Let's take a closer look at the following questions that need to be asked once we have begun the process of receiving treatment for vertigo.

1) What Is Vertigo, Exactly?

While the dictionary definition of vertigo refers to the patient experiencing the illusion that they are currently in a state of motion, it can refer to other aspects of this disorder as well. The patient could also be experiencing a regular loss of balance that is keeping them from carrying out all of their normal daily duties. This sensation may be chronic or in some cases, it can be more of an intermittent sensation.

2) What Are The Causes For This Disorder?

There are a wide range of causes for vertigo that the average facility will be more than happy to explain but for now, lets simply focus on the main catalysts. A patient that has experienced recent head trauma is far more likely to be diagnosed with a case of vertigo. A Calgary vertigo clinic will also take a closer look at the patient to find out if they are susceptible to cold viruses. Meniere's disease is another common cause.

3) What Is The Common Denominator Here?

All of these catalysts for vertigo tend to affect the same area: the inner ear. Anything that causes the inner ear to experience unwanted trauma can negatively affect our sense of space and balance in an adverse manner. If the inner ear is forced to go through dysfunction, the sense of balance is affected significantly and we lose our ability to avoid certain unwanted symptoms.

4) Can We Receive Treatment?

Vertigo is not something that anyone will want to experience but there are a number of ways to treat the issue. A Calgary vertigo clinic specializes in finding the form of treatment that works best for our specific needs. Some patients may require surgery and/or physical therapy. Other patients may just need some time to heal. These treatments are designed to meet the needs of the patient and are not a one size fits all proposition.

5) Is There a Certain Age Group That Is More Susceptible?

In most instances, a child that is under the age of 18 is not going to be at risk of experiencing vertigo. Studies show that our chances of being diagnosed with this disorder rise significantly once we have reached the age of 20. The older we become, the more steps we are going to have to take to safeguard ourselves from this disorder. The consequences that are related to vertigo become much more dire for older patients.


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