Cbd Oil For Dogs

Cbd Oil For Dogs

With the rising popularity of CBD usage among humans, you may be wondering if it’s safe to use for your best friend – your dog.

There haven't been many empirical studies into the consumption of CBD oil for pets due to it being a relatively new concept. However, tons of anecdotal evidence exists in favor of it from proud paw parents.

CBD oil for dogs can help your pup deal with tons of health issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Joint pain and arthritis
  • Digestion problems
  • Nausea
  • Cancer Symptoms

LBC Bioscience Inc. has formulated tons of pet-friendly products using the best veterinarian CBD for dogs so that your pal stays happy, healthy, and relaxed.

Check out our range and buy & begin to benefit from our products right away!

Hip and Joint Pet Drops

Our Pet Drops contain full-spectrum, high-quality Hemp Oil that contains all the terpenes and flavonoids your dog needs for healthy joints. They also contain MTC Coconut Oil as well as organic vegetable glycerin for added richness.

If you’re afraid your dog might refuse to take the drops, don’t worry. They are beef jerky flavored and can be given once a day orally or mixed with food.

Snap up your premium CBD for dog joints relief for only $27.99 today!

Soft Chews Dog Treats

If your dog is a muncher, they’d love our dog treats!

These 100% organic treats are ideal for dogs with dental and digestive issues. They contain nutritious dietary fibers such as chickpeas and potatoes, as well as a health-boosting 3mg dose of CBD per treat to help your dog relax and get better. Just give your pal 1-3 treats every 12 hours and enjoy the benefits.

If you’re wondering if the CBD will get your dog 'high', the answer is a resounding no. Our treats are 100% THC-free, backed up by rigorous lab testing to ensure quality and consistency.

You can grab your pack of 60 treats for only $35.99 today!

Steak Bites Dog Treats

If you are looking for the finest CBD oil for dogs with arthritis, be sure to check out our Steak Bites Treats. Packed with 5.5 mg of CBD per treat, these delicious soft chews are ideal for dogs suffering from painful joint swelling and tenderness.

They are 100% organic, formulated with premium quality Cannabidiol, and contain beef and animal fat for that protein boost and flavor your pup loves. Just give your pal 1-3 treats every 12 hours to help them become happier and healthier.

Purchase your 30 treat, 6 oz bag for $24.99 today!

Skin and Coat CBD Pet Spray

Our Pet Spray was formulated using CBD Rich Hemp Extract, Cedar, Lemongrass, and Rosemary to help your dog feel comfortable and at home. It is ideal for pets that get easily anxious in the face of stressful situations, such as your dog's grooming session or a long car ride to the vet!

Just massage the spray into the skin until fully absorbed so that your dog feels calm and happy and can get on wonderfully with their day.

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LBC Bioscience Inc. is known for selling premium quality CBD tinctures and other CBD products for you and your pets for ultimate wellness.

Contact us today at 480-410-6780 for the finest CBD oil and treats.

Cbd Oil For Dogs

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