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Emdr Therapy Utah

Emdr Therapy Utah

If you are battling drug addiction, you may feel that pharmaceuticals are not your best option. Some people fear that they might grow dependent on the drugs and replace one addiction with another. There are several alternatives available if you prefer drug-free therapy, and one of them is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming).

At Maple Mountain Recovery, we believe that you can achieve wellness without using medicine. Our team comprises of compassionate people who understand the struggle of battling addiction. We offer EMDR therapy in Utah for our clients as well as individualized treatments, experiential therapy, and equine therapy.

Benefits of EMDR for Addiction Treatment

Here’s why you should consider EMDR therapy for addiction treatment:

  • No Drugs

Taking medication for drug or alcohol addiction can feel as though you’re still using. You might also have the fear that if you don’t take your medicine, you may not be able to overcome addiction. However, with EMDR, you can achieve sobriety without taking drugs. If you are struggling with an addiction to pharmaceuticals, EMDR can be a great option for you.

  • Reduces Stress

One of the biggest triggers for people in recovery is stress. When faced with work-related stress and problems in personal relationships, you may be tempted to use again to handle the pressure. EMDR helps relieve stress, and having a regular session is useful even for people who are not going through recovery. When you are not stressed, you have a more positive outlook on life, and you’ll not feel the need to use.

  • Helps with Past Trauma

EMDR is beneficial for people whose addiction is linked to past trauma. Such individuals use drugs or alcohol to avoid dealing with that painful part of their lives. With time and continued use, they become dependent on the substance of abuse. EMDR has shown to be effective for people with PTSD and those who have trauma-related addiction. Since the trauma is what compels you to use, if it’s treated, you’ll not feel the need to use. A therapist can help you face the past, deal with it, and find healing.

  • Find Acceptance

Sometimes when you use drugs, it’s because you do not like who you are. You do not believe that there is anything good about you or any good that can come from you. To avoid such feelings or numb the pain, you may use alcohol or drugs. When you are going through recovery using EMDR, you can work through those feelings and realize that you are enough, and you matter. When you feel better about yourself, it’s less likely that you will drink or use drugs.

Begin Drug-Free Treatment Today

At Maple Mountain Recovery, we’re an EMDR certified recovery center that allows clients to receive drug or alcohol addiction treatment without using medication. Every individual’s problem is unique, and that is why we offer personalized treatment plans. Our recovery facility provides state-of-the-art inpatient programs in a serene and luxurious environment. If you or a loved one is considering EMDR therapy in Utah, call us today on 801-499-9316.

Emdr Therapy Utah
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Emdr Therapy Utah
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