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Hair Salon For Womens Haircuts

Hair Salon For Womens Haircuts

Being the best women's hair salon in Toronto ON, we provide unexcelled hair services at affordable rates. We have more than 20 years of experience in hair services; all our employees are certified and qualified.

Top Hair Services That we provide for Women:

Haircut: Our professional hairstylists will analyze your hair and recommend the perfect haircut for you to make your hairs look prettier and healthier. After every haircut performed, we wash your hairs with high-quality shampoo and do a soothing scalp massage. Such exceptional treatment makes us the leading Ladies hair salon in Toronto. For a haircut, our charges start from $18. Costs vary based on hair length and haircut style.

Wash and Style: At our salon, we make sure to cleanse your hair using premium shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. After that, we blowdry your hair. However, if you are going to some special occasion, you can ask our hairdressers to style your hair the way you like. We usually charge $18 for wash and style. However, charges vary based on your hair length.`

Haircut and Style: Either you want bob cut, bangs, or pixie cut. We have experienced stylists who can perform any haircut you want with excellent finishing. Later, we wash, dry, and style your hair as per your requirement. For Haircut and Style, our starting price is $28. The price depends on your hair length.

Oil Treatment: For dry and damaged hairs, we provide remarkable oil treatment therapy that will nourish your hair by giving them new life and strength. Our workers will massage your scalp using the finest quality of hot organic oil. Later, we will wash and dry your hair. You will notice an immediate difference in your hair. Such lavishing service costs $30. However, the price may be different for longer hairs.

Hair Perm: Want to change your hair texture for a brief time. No matter if you want to transform into curl or wave texture, we are here to do it for you. Our results are very satisfying and loved by customers, making us the top of the line Ladies hair salon in Toronto. For Hair Perm, the starting price is $75. Different hair lengths have different charges.

Color Treatment: Nowadays, girls love to apply different colors to their hair in different styles. Here, at A & I Hair Salon, we have trained and competent stylists who can perform highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre, and other kinds of hair colors. We promise to deliver results that will impress you. Due to such assuring results, we are the most favorite Girls hair salon in Toronto. The price for color treatment starts at $50, which may increase depending on your hair length and which hair color technique you choose.

Straight Hair Perm: This treatment is for curly and wavy hairs. As through the process, we use chemicals to straighten your curly or wavy hairs for six months and above. We can perform Straight hair perm treatment on virgin as well as colored hairs. We have experts who have great experience in performing Straight Hair Perm. You will love the result. The starting drive for straight hair perm is $160. The charges vary based on your hair length.

So if you are searching for pre-eminent Toronto hair salons for women, then we are the ideal choice for you. We love to have clients who are overwhelmed by our hair services.

Contact A & I Hair Salon for the best Toronto hair salon for women's haircut and other hair services: 416-449-3838

Hair Salon For Womens Haircuts
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Hair Salon For Womens Haircuts
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