Korean spa near me

Korean spa near me

If you’re wondering “Is there a Korean spa near me?”, the answer is a resounding, yes! Grand Spa’s doors never close, so it is never too late and never too early for you to come in for a relaxing session that might include a facial, a massage, nail care, tanning or Indiba treatment.

Grand Spa caters to both men and women, with highly skilled and qualified attendants that go the extra mile to ensure your comfort. Consider any of the following types of treatments at Grand Spa:

- Body scrubs exfoliate skin to keep it looking healthy and beautiful. Your body treatment at Grand Spa will contain three ingredients: 1. The exfoliant that may include salt, sugar, rice bran, jojoba beads, apricot kernels or coffee grounds, which are used to rub away the dead skin cells on the surface, revealing younger, smoother skin. 2. Oil, used to hold the mixture together and soften skin. 3. Fragrance from a high-quality essential oil.

- Facial care that cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting beautiful-looking and smooth-feeling skin. After massage, a facial is the most popular treatment opted for in Grand Spa. Your facial will include a thorough cleansing, a skin analysis, exfoliation, extraction of blackheads or whiteheads, a facial massage and a facial mask.

- Grand Spa’s beauty salon offers their signature manicure that includes a soothing hand bath followed by a gentle exfoliation, application of a nourishing cream, massage, heated mittens and the polish of your choice. A variety of manicure & pedicure treatments are available, as well as hot stone pedicures, hot paraffin treatment, foot reflexology and a variety of hair treatments.

- Men’s and Women’s sauna treatments include Finnish Sauna, Hwangto Sauna Room, Chun Ki To Sauna, Jade Stone Room, Steam & Mist Sauna, Cold, Warm & Hot Spas, private Body Scrub Rooms, and Relaxation Rooms. If you’re wondering if there is a Korean spa near me that offers both men’s and women’s treatments, the answer is yes: Grand Spa does!

- Indiba treatment involves radio frequency technology that uses hyperthermia treatment to local tissue and is used for internal fat removal, cellulite decomposition, liposuction and cosmetic surgery aftercare, poor blood circulation, metabolism acceleration, postpartum body recovery, postpartum abdominal cramps, hair loss and breast cosmetic surgery aftercare.

- Cryo’poration treatment featuring effective transdermal delivery of cosmetic substances, versatile application on the face and body, powerful cryo effect combined with electroporation, providing fast and satisfying results. Being needle-free and pain free has made cryo’portation one of the most popular treatment options today.

Many clients opt for spa packages from Grand Spa, which offer an affordable spa experience without the high-end price. Consider packages that save you money on admission, membership, body care and skin care.

Please visit GrandSpaLA for affordable spa treatments that will pamper you and make you look and feel beautiful. Now, when friends or family ask if there is a Korean spa near me, you can tell them, yes there is! Grand Spa in LA is conveniently located on W 6th Street in LA.

Korean spa near me

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