Korean spa scrub

Korean spa scrub Are you looking for the best Korean spa scrub in LA? Come in to Grand Spa for the ultimate scrub and massage at an unbeatable price. There are many types to choose from, so you can select one that is perfect for your needs and budget.

Relax and enjoy the best Korean spa scrub you’ve ever experienced at the hands of talented therapists who are committed to your absolute satisfaction. There are numerous options available that are designed to fit all clients, from 60 minute scrubs up to 2 full hour scrubs that will leave you feeling your most pampered.

Grand Spa’s Basic Korean Spa Scrub and Oil Massage is only $70 for 70 minutes of bliss; a body scrub performed by talented hands, followed by a mineral oil and facial massage, completed to a tee with a fresh ground cucumber mask and a hair treatment you’ll never forget. The Basic Korean spa scrub is very popular at Grand Spa LA- and for very good reasons!

Korean massage therapists are knowledgeable with regard to what ingredients they use on their clients’ skin, so it is no wonder their Pineapple Coconut Sugar massage and their Coconut Lime massage are both in high demand at Grand Spa. Both begin with a body scrub, and are followed by a facial massage, mask and hair treatment. At just $130 for 120 minutes, you’ll find these exotic scrubs are a great way to rejuvenate mid-way through the week.

Choose your favorite Korean spa scrub from the following:

Scrub with:

- Green Tea massage
- Marine Algae massage
- Honey Milk massage
- Mango massage
- Cool Mint Lemonade Salt massage
- Aroma Salt massage
- Hot Chocolate massage
- Pure Gold Gel massage

Select a specialty massage that includes an acupressure massage and a foot massage or treat yourself and your special someone to a couples’ massage.

There are numerous health and beauty benefits of coming in to Grand Spa for a Korean spa scrub. The fact is that the cleansing, exfoliating and specialized massage offer advantages to the skin that your bathroom soap is just not able to deliver. You may have thought that the exfoliation process was simply to remove dead skin cells, and if that were all there was to it, it would be beneficial enough, however, exfoliating increases circulation to the skin, improving blood flow and working to release toxins from your lymph nodes.

After such a deep cleanse, the oil that is worked into your skin can hydrate your skin’s cells in a way that no topical moisturizer is able to. The experience of the moment is a huge benefit as well. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Korean spa scrub, you understand just how invigorating it can feel.

Make a special trip in to the Grand Spa and enjoy a weekly Korean spa scrub that will leave you feeling exceptionally pampered, refreshed and beautiful. If you’re not certain which ingredients would provide the most benefit to your skin type, just ask one of the knowledgeable therapists and they’ll be happy to recommend one. Korean spa scrub

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